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#AllForJan Award

They fight for the truth, for transparency, for freedom of speech. They want to inform, bring facts to light and empower people to take free decisions. Journalists are the heroes of democratic societies.

The #AllForJan Award recognizes best media coverage, exceptional and courageous reporting with a great impact on society and innovative ways of bringing the story to the public. The award is named after the global #AllForJan movement, which was established after the murder of Ján Kuciak, the young Slovak investigative journalist killed in 2018, to honor his work and legacy.

The #AllForJan Award was presented for the first time at the Press Freedom Conference 2020 in Gdańsk.

Winner of the #AllForJan Award 2022

Andrei Popoviciu

Andrei Popoviciu

In the fourth edition of the #AllForJan competition, the jury decided to honour independent Romanian journalist Andrei Popoviciu, who writes about human rights, conflict, migration, and foreign affairs. His articles have appeared in The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, Libération, Der Spiegel, among others.

The award-winning article first appeared in The Guardian and is the result of a journalistic investigation into the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers at EU borders.

Jury of the #AllForJan Award 2022

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